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More information on Mali: an informative website
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Bamako, Hotels, Restaurants

In the capital there is a wide range of hotels from first class to budget. The same is true for restaurants.

Mande Hotel (Niarela, by the river) ****

Grand Hotel (center of town, beyond rail road) ****

Amitié (center of town by the river) ****

Le Tennessée (Niarela)

Bed and Breakfast (route de Niarela)

Le Campagnard (Niarela, only few rooms)

Le Rabelais (Niarela, route de Sotuba)

Le Fleuve ( in the centre ),

Le Maxim (Korofina)

Le Nomade ( Bolibana, a quiet bed and breakfast, 5 min from centre)

Le Montana (Djelibougou, far)

Le Djenné (Hippodrome, in trad. Malian style)

Le Sanaa (after Prince Khaled bridge north bank of Niger)

Le Relais Tombouctou (on the other side of the river, very calm but far, to be reached via the pont de Sotuba, or when coming from Ségou via Yirimato or Magnambougou)

Aquarius (behind the Prince Khaled bridge , south bank of Niger)


Restaurants in Bamako

Le Campagnard (French cuisine)

Le Byblos (Lebanese and French food)

Santoro (Hippodrome, Malian cuisine)

L’Olympien (Pizzeria)

Le Fleuve (Pizzeria and Italian Food)

Bol de Jade (Vietnamese food)

Hong-mai (Niarela, Vietnamese food)

Le Lagon (grill specialties by the river on the road to Koulikoro)

Dancing-Bars Espace Culturels

Appaloosa (quartier du fleuve)

Akwaba (live orchestra fridays and saturdays)

Le Hogon (Salsa on saturdays, Traditional Malian Music)

Eden Bar (route de Sebenikoro)

L’Evasion (Disco, au centre ville en face du Centre Djoliba: attention vol de pneus)

Le Makossa (jazz club, Djelibougou).

Le Pili pili (Hippodrome)



There are only 4 hotels of acceptable quality:

Mamelon (center of town , near Shell station, A/C)

Wassoulou (outside on Koutiala road, A/C)

Tata (along the road to Bamako)

Les Moulins (quite hidden near the French cimetary and CMDT)



Les Moulins (opposite CMDT and Elf Station at the entrance of town)



given the presence of the CMDT (Mali’s cotton company), there are 3-4 hotels of acceptable quality along the main road.



Wassa (on the road coming in from Bamako)

Auberge (with restaurant, on a road leading from the main road to the river)

Esplanade (by the river, with restaurant and bar, and dancing)

27 Septembre




Avoid staying there because the nights swarm with mosquitos because of the surrounding rice fields. But the Campement Hotel is air conditioned and you can keep the mosquitos out somehow.



one single hotel of acceptable standard by the main road, I forgot it’s name, but it’s really nice in the evenings to promenade by the river, and go on to the junction of Niger and Diaka some 40 km downstream



is a nice town to visit because of its mosques and many crafts, especially Bogolan dyeing, but has hardly any acceptable hotel we used to stay at the Catholic Mission in Lafiabougou

Tera (with restaurant on the double carriage way)

Campement (in the center of town, behind market)



There is only the Campement Hotel (which is noisy and full of guides); but chez Baba where you can get breakfast and lunch, you will find a room to rent. We used to stay in the Maison des Hôtes (opposite the campement) which is the resthouse for government officials and has to be reserved with the Prefêt, opposite the campement.

A new hotel at the entrance of town has opened.



Sévaré is the administrative town on the mainland, from where the causeway leads west to Mopti, and the road right to Bandiagara. Here we have

the Campement Hotel (a spacious hotel with many but not too functional rooms)

(they don’t keep reservations after 6 PM even if you call in advance, and are often booked for conferences)

Oasis (a smaller hotel hidden in the center)

Mankante (also called Jutta’s guesthouse with clean rooms and a personal touch)

Barbé II

Guesthouses at the Operation Riz or OMBEVI guesthouses, or the Catholic Mission



The Kanaga **** (nice situation by the river, but expensive)

Campement Hotel (directly at the entrance arch on the right).



There are so many new places like the Swiss hotel (Cheval Blanc) , but Le Village (of locally born Gadjeli Djigiba and his German wife) at the entrance of town, and the Center for Traditional Medicine at the other end of town rent simple rooms .



Campement Hotel



Hotel les Arbres (behind the Sous-Préfet’s Residence), nice garden

Le Hogon (chez Issa, outside of town going to Somadougou,)




Hotel-campement (turn right at the central square, opposite Hospital)



It is very difficult to find accomodation unless in private houses with friends.

The Azalai **** (nice but expensive and full of tourists)

The Caravane (in traditional style)

a new hotel has been opened.



Campement (chez Rocky, simple mais correct)



Transatlantide (really not comfortable)

Sahara Passion (chez Suzanne et Hiba)



Hotel du Rail (One hotel with 20 rooms almost always full)



Le Moulin Rouge (in the center of town is acceptable)

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