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Date:  Dec 31, 1999

Womens' Pottery Project in Kukuo Tamale

Kukuo, is a village where all the women are potters. In 1990, CIDA and ITTU financed a large kiln (3 chamber Chinese) for them. Unfortunately, after 3 months the women abandoned the use of the kiln and reverted to firing their pottery with the traditional rice and cow dung, because the wood for the kiln was too expensive to buy. ITTU had programmed 3 million in 1998 for the
rehabilitation of the kiln but never ...

In dec. 1997 FRONT asked for an expertise from a potter for Burkina. He suggested either to rehabilitate the large kiln or build smaller kilns for smaller potters's groups.

The whole of 1998 and 1999 was passed with clarifying the wishes of the women - eventually they opted for smaller kilns - and attempts to mold bricks, which failed. Only after a training session in september , the secret of mixing the right clay and removing the bricks from the moulds without breking them was learnt, and since that time the women have been moulding the necessary number of bricks for a new kiln, which is to be built in january 2000.

The new kiln is to improve the firing of pottery, permit the women to fire even during the raining season, improve the quality of pottery and reduce the amount of broken pottery.

Training courses on the good preparation of clay and turning on the potters wheel are to follow afterwards, and FRONT will assume the marketing of new and better pottery products.

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