Friends of the North P.O. Box: 935 Tamale, Ghana

Tel. 23338 23293


Date:  Dec 31, 1999

In 1999, activities were limited to the following:

1. Support of the Kukuo Womens Pottery Project (construction of a new kiln) a trainer visited in september and taught the women the molding of bricks. Construciton was to have taken place in december, but the number of bricks was insufficient. Now construction and training firing techniques will take place in Jan. 2000

2. Support of the Zumburungu womens' basket weavers Orders of several hundred baskets were placed, so as to provide off-season employment for the group of about 20 women, thus realising an income of about 1.5 million Cedi for the women.

3. Renovation of the FRONT office in Tamale in the NORRIP building

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