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Date:  Jan 31, 1999

To all Members : Re: Progress and Financial Report

We hereby submit the annual work and Progress report for 1998.

Let us begin by thanking those who have supported us and have assisted us in our work, in particular Mr.Ben Anamoh, Secretary, Mr.Atta, Director of NORRIP and Dr.Sulemana, Director of ADD. and to wish all of you a good New Year. Unfortunately there has been no response to our letter of June 27 where we asked for suggestions. We hope there will be more meaningful participation

We propose to hold an annual meeting on Feb.1, where we intend to discuss the past and future.

The Organisation was officially registered on June 22, 1998. In accordance with our action plan, we have begun to call in membership dues for 1998 (see Financial Report by Secretary) and made the following preparations for the 4 Projects mentioned in our letter and work program of June 27.

600 grafted Mangos were brought in from Burkina at the end of August, the objective being to raise cash and assist villages with future income in the hungry season. Due to the intermediary of the Forest Department, the chief and village of Wamale and the Assemblyman and village of Zoboggu signed an agreement to plant and manage one hundred plants each. With the assistance of the Dpt. of Forestry Technical Officer the planting of 200 was done in early September.

In addition, 200 plants were sold to private individuals and planted. 200 are still healthy and in nursery for next year’s planting.

An evaluation in december however showed that insufficient care had been taken by the 2 villages and that most of the plants had died because no watering had taken place, and animals were allowed to stray. Thus, of the 200 plants most were dead (see below). According to the agreements, the villages have agreed to reimburse immediately those plants which have not been managed well and died (whereas otherwise they were supposed to reimburse at the first harvest in 4 years).

Wamale : 56 completely dead, 38 surviving, 6 dead at graft, 3 missing TOTAL 103

Zoboggu: 53 " 30 " 4 " " 13 missing TOTAL 90

We have difficulty to understand how villages in the full understanding of the agreement and of the potential benefits fail to take a greater interest in their own resources. This can be taken as a kind of test but it lets us fear for the success of the coming World Bank resource conservation project.

With regard to the Potters of Kukuo, the rehabilitation of the kiln was supposed to take place in late december. About 1 million have been paid in advance to the artisan from Ouaga, a qualified potter and kiln builder himself, who is ready to come in any time, when we have word the women are ready. The work had to be postponed to 1999 since by December the women had not prepared the bricks necessary for the repairs, and then there were Xmas holidays and Ramadan. Up to Jan 15 we have not had word from their organizer that they were ready.

Proposals for the projects c. and d. (Improving Traditional Pottery in 25 Villages, and Bushfire Fighting and Alternative Use of Grass) have been sent for funding to the National Forest Rehabilitation Project and GEF (Global Environment Fund). Also a proposal for the implementation of an Energy Conservation Component in the North has been submitted to the Ministry of Energy and DANIDA. Follow-up with these institutions will be made in February 99.

One other activity was the setting up of an office and communication infrastructure. The management of NORRIP has kindly agreed to set aside office no.7 in its building for FRONT. It was planned to obtain a second connection on our e-mail account with Africaonline, but they were not helpful with arranging a second access at a moderate fee. Womankind and ADD have kindly agreed to assist us with communications and community capacity building.

Suggestions and Proposals as well as Contributions are welcome. We plan to acquire a computer and a motorbyke this year for better outstation work in the villages.


Financial Report

Contributions and Membership Dues 90.000 C

Payments for Mangos received 125.000 C

TOTAL IN 215.000 C


for Mangos from Wamale 500.000

for Mangos from Zoboggu 500.000

TOTAL (approximate) 1.000.000


Importation of 500 Grafted Mango Plants

Plant Material 500.000

Transport 600.000

Phyto-Sanitary and Handling at Border 120.000

Advance to Potter for Rehabilitation and Course 1.000.000

Registration 75.000

Radio Message 28.000

Stationery 20.000

TOTAL OUT 2.343.000

advance from Dr. Massing as contribution to Potter 1.000.000

to be recovered 343.000

outstandings of 545.000 from villages to be recovered immediately for losses


Bankers: Barclay’s Tamale Branch no.

** more details on the expenditures will be assembled in a definite report in February 99

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