Improved Gas Stove
wood-saving stove with gas burner
a f r i q u e
stoves used in Cambodia

invisible.gif (98 Byte)Consultancy in Resources and Economics

invisible.gif (98 Byte)Household Energy

  • energy and CO2 balances

  • energy efficiency in the household sector

mixed wood-charcoal stoves 
for various pot sizes

  • household energy solutions (gas or solar cooling and heating)

Mixed ceramic stove with outside ceramic liner, developed in Mali in difference to the Kenya Jiko with inside ceramic liner

  • improvement of kitchens

 Household stoves in Haiti

  • project evaluation

  • fuel-saving stoves:test, marketing & production

Comparative cooking tests, 
LPG vs. kerosene vs. charcoal

 Environmental Protection

  • conservation of trditional fuels (wood, charcoal)

  • pollution reduction

  • substitution of traditional fuels (gas, kerosene, etc)

  • biomass energy

  • environmental preservation strategies

  • solar and wind energy

Appropriate Technology for Small Business

  • energy efficiency in small scale industry: diagnostic and advisory service

Inverted downword draft kiln

  • improved kilns and firing techniques for potters and brickmakers

open upward draft brick kiln

wood-saving stove for large kitchens, beer brewing and smoking

  • improved construction (insulation, ventilation)

  • cost-benefit analysis and business planning

  • training & organizing producers, including micro-credit & marketing

Bread oven  from sheet metal 
with diesel burner 24 kW

  • bread baking: from wood to diesel burners

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