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nationality German Version française  
born 5. November 1945 Deutsche Fassung  
married with Mary Versión espagnole  



1956 - 1965 Heinrich v.Gagern Gymnasium (Secondary School), Frankfurt, GERMANY

1963 - 1964 Emmanuel Kant Private School, Genève, SWITZERLAND

1965 - 1968 University of Frankfurt: Economics, statistics and sociology

1968 - 1969 University of Liberia: African Studies, Geography

1969 - 1971 University of Frankfurt: Masters thesis on savings &credit associations in Africa, 1971

1971 - 1973 Indiana University DAAD and US scholarship, Bloomington,IN

Course Work for Ph.D. in Economic Anthropology & African Studies

1973 - 1975 Thesis "The Economic Development of the Kru Area in Liberia and Côte d'Ivoire" An empirical comparison of regional economic development

1976 - 1978 Assistant Professor for Agric.Research at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana,

Studies for the M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics (Intern. Trade, Resource and Development Economics);Thesis :"Bride Price and Dowry: Property Rights in People"



1978 GTZ Courses in Team Management and Logical Framework Design

1988 Basic and Advanced Course in ZOPP Moderation
Training Course in GTZ Project Management-Operations Planning (by PC)

1990 Accounting by PC

1993 Workshop on Microfinance and Decentralized Credit Systems (Bad Soden)

1995 DSE Course on the Analysis of Organizations

1996 Workshops on Financing by Revolving Funds (Bamako) and Rural Energy (Tabarka)

1998 Seminary on SFD (Systèmes Financiers Décentralisés), Bamako (MALI)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (long-term assignments in bold)

2003 CAMEROON, jan. 2003 - feb. 2004, Regional Office of World Food Programme, Specialist for Result-based Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. Introduce RMB and ME elements into policy and strategy documents, and operationalise via staff training in WFP Country Offices of Ghana, Benin, Chad, Central African Republic, Sao Tomé, Cameroon, Congo Brazzaville and Congo Kinshasa; additional training for Nutrition Projects in Rome and Yaoundé. (contracted for WFP by GTZ International Services)

2002 ALGERIA, early december, Support Program for the socio-economic development of the North East, specialist for revenue generating measures and micro-credit (given the current situation and travel advisories, working in rural areas is not possible). Candicacy withdrawn.

2002 GEORGIA, Nov. 11-30, for IFAD Rural Development Project for Mountain and Highland Areas (RDPMHA), expert for participatory planning. 3 training courses in Logical Framework with Staff and elected district leaders for the establishment of village development plans (VDP).

2002 BURKINA FASO, Nov.,  participation in the SIAO Ouagadougou, with our NGO, CFETAF.

2002 CHAD, August - Sept., World Bank Household Energy Program, analysis of 619 sample household survey; preparation of the large scale marketing of improved stoves, retraining, lounching of the marketing campaign on Sept. 5, introduction of kerosene stoves.

2002 CAMEROON, June - July,  for GTZ, Expertise on the possibilities of NGO interventions in the Domestic Energy Sector in Northern Cameroon.

2002 March - April  , World Bank Household Energy Program, design and implementation of Household Base Line Survey on energy consumption and equipment, jointly with the Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis; pilot sample of 150 households.

2001 CHAD, Mar. - Nov.   Technical Assistance to Agency for Domestic Energy and Environment (AEDE Association Energie Domestique et Environnement), with ECO under World Bank loan, Chad,
    - training of producers for  improved metal and ceramic stoves (energy conservation)
    - establishment of a sustained production
    - design of a marketing and publicity strategy   
    - permanent consumer panel and evaluation surveys
    - introduction of gas and kerosene burners & stoves

2000 CAMBODJA, Nov. - Dec.  Evaluation of the Cambodja Fuel Saving Project, GERES - EU financed

2000 USA, Nov.  Annual Meeting of the African Studies Organization of America, Nashville, Tenn. Paper: "Decentralization in Mali: 3 Urban Case Studies Mopti, Djenne, San"

2000 GHANA, Sept., Work with NGO-FRONT in Ghana, programme design

Dec. 99 for GTZ Mali, Evaluation of the Support given to Blacksmiths and Associations by the GTZ Projet Foyers Améliorés.

Aug. 99 - July 2000 for ITC and CARE-Haiti, Energy Project Manager: improved charcoal stoves, gas and kerosene cookers, household Energy Program, Marketing, Consultant

Mai - July 99 for GTZ and World Food Program, Burkina. Evaluation of the Rural Development Program 2000-2004

Mar-Apr.99 for GTZ and World Food Program, Niger. Evaluation of the Rural Development Program 2000-2004

11/97 to 12/98: independant international consultant:

Oct-Nov. Study "Access to Energy for the Urban Poor" for ITDG (Intermediate Technology Development Group) and DFID (Dept.of Foreign Intern.Development) Great Britain and GTZ

Jul-Oct Consultant to World Bank, Domestic Energy Program, Mali, Market Study for Raw Materials and feasibility of mass production of Improved Stoves

August Foundation of a private firm for the transfer of regenerative energy in Ghana (sale of solar appliances and advisory services)

May Establishment of an environmental NGO in Ghana for the implementation of an energy component for the Second National Forest Rehabilitation Program, jointly with the Ministry of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and DANIDA,

Jan.-May Consultant to a Programme for the Association of Women Artisans in Mopti AAP preparation of financing dossier for 40 mio FCFA from the West African Development Bank and the Swiss Projects Fund , Lomé
- design of training program and training in internal organization and accounting
- organization of technical training and construction of new kiln

Feb. Consultant to GTZ, Organization of Seminar on Micro Finance in Mali

Dec.97 Study and publication: The Household Energy Market in Mali, in‘Boiling Point’no.41

since nov..96 Participation in a Malian Consulting Bureau ""Cervo F5"

01/95 - 9/97 MALI, Projet National de Foyers Améliorés GTZ, Coordinator

  • Coordination with World Bank Household Energy Programme (SED)
  • Coordination with 10 Regional Directors of the Social Affairs Division (DNAS)
  • Organization of producer associations in 25 urban centers
  • Design and Implement Training Programs for the regional personnel of Social Affairs
  • Integrating the project into the Malian partner structure and professional organizations
  • Household survey on Energy-Saving equipment use in 8 towns/ analysis SPSS
  • Design of a Marketing Strategy (spots, brochures, billboards)
  • Networking producers with NGO's, Programs, Projects and Federation of Artisans

05/96 MALI, in collaboration with the GTZ decentralization mission: case studies of 4 towns

"Local government and the Influence of traditional authority « 

03/97 MALI, expertise on auto-promotion strategies for the Manantali Rural Development (GTZ-PREMA)

08/94 - 10/94 TANZANIA, RWANDA, BURUNDI, Evaluation for BMZ, GTZ and UNHCR

  • "Refugee Aid, Self-Help Strategies and Repatriation Potential of Rwandan Refugees "
  • design of an agricultural self-support scheme for refugee women
  • collaboration with the GTZ fuelwood provision scheme for refugees
  • proposing measures to enable the return and reintegration of refugees to Rwanda
  • discussion of options with the Ministry for Reconstruction and Reintegration in Kigali
  • Spring 1994 Teaching a Course on "Self-Help Organization" at University of Cologne

07/93 - 02/94 ALGERIA, Project Coordinator: High Commission for the Development of the Steppe (HCDS) in Djelfa. (GEOPLAN for GTZ)

  • Designing a strategy of water development & res. conservation for 6 rural communities
  • organize exchange visits for Counterparts to Mediterranean arid-land management
  • projects and institutes (Tunisia, Sicily, Spain, Morocco)
  • formulate an organizational analysis of HCDS and a staff training plan

the project was suspended in dec. 1993 due to the security situation in Algeria

12/92 - 02/93 Participation in study on land reform in Algeria for GTZ

04/93 - 06/93 GHANA, with KOCKS Consult, for KfW

Feasibility Study on Trunk Roads in Northern Ghana, Agricultural Economist

  • calculation of farm models
  • estimates of agricultural production
  • estimates of marketed production and road transport demand


Publication on Development and Local Government in Ghana: "Local Government Reform in Ghana:Democratic Renewal or Autocratic Revival", Breitenbach, 1995, based on World Bank and Economist Country briefs and local statistical data

03/1988-7/1992 GHANA , Northern Region, PROGRAMME FOR RURAL ACTION, (GTZ) Program Coordinator and Project Manager for District Development of the

Gonja and Nanumba districts, support of decentralization strategy

  • coordination with ministries, line agencies and donors, other German and Canadian projects and churches, DED and other NGO’s
  • realization of empirical baseline studies and participative village planning
  • realization of test measures and village pilot projects in:
  • prefeasibility for rehabilitation of feeder roads (in coordination with KfW and Kocks)
  • rural water supply: wells & dams, boreholes (jointly with GWSC)
  • training of water user associations
  • catchment area protection via community forests (jointly with Dept.of Forestry)
  • energy conservation through improved stoves (jointly with Envir.Protection Council)
  • construction with local materials
  • support of Primary Health Care programmes (jointly with Min.of Health)
  • rehabilitation of village infrastructure (schools, health center, farm service center)

11/1987- 1/88 BURKINA FASO for CILSS (CCCE/World Bank/GTZ)

  • Diagnostic study of the Cereals market ( elaboration of food and trade balances)
  • Recommendations to OFNACER

10/87 - 11/87 ZAIRE, Mission leader: Project Evaluation at Kikwit of the Cie. de Développement

Agricole Intégré du Kwango-Kwilu (Financed by World Bank and GTZ)

  • evaluation of project activities and results during 1985-87
  • recommended to terminate the project

08/86 - 10/86 BURKINA FASO for FAO’s National Agricultural Extension Project, and

Ministère de l'Agriculture/Direction de la Formation du Monde Rural

  • elaboration of norms for monitoring and evaluation of extension activities and results
  • elaboration of indices of technical know-how
  • organisation of regional workshops in monitoring methods

06/86 - 08/86 TURKEY Erzurum Rural Development Project, for FAO, financed by IFAD/ World Bank

  • Project evaluation and monitoring of results of the years 1985 - 1986
  • evaluation of infrastructure constructed by TOPRAKSU (wells, springs, irrigation, roads)
  • elaboration of a mid-term beneficiary survey for the Min.of Agriculture Monitoring
  • Training of Min.of Agriculture staff in farm management and survey analysis

01/86 - 7/86 and 10/86 - 8/87 BURKINA FASO (for GTZ)

Advisor in the Ministry of Economic Planning , Coordinator of Implementation of a Monitoring System for the 5-Year Plan 1986-90

  • Trainer of Ministry Personnel in spreadsheet application for project follow-up
  • definition of physical and financial indicators
  • updating of sectoral, ministerial and provincial project files
  • Quarterly Reporting system to the Minister on aid flow and expenditure
  • Quarterly Indicator Reporting to the Conseil de Ministres

11/85 - 12/85 HAITI

Agronomist, Evaluation & Programming for Project « Plaine de Gonaives » (for FAO/GTZ) jointly with ILCLR Wageningen

  • evaluation of the results of agricultural research during phase 1982-85
  • analysis of extension messages
  • control of water and electricity consumption by irrigation associations
  • resource person in ZOPP planning of the next phase (1985-87)

06/85 - 09/85 TURKEY

Erzurum Rural Development Project, for FAO financed by IFAD/ World Bank, Management and M&E Consultant

  • setting up project administration
  • elaboration of methods for annual work programming;
  • elaboration of budgeting, financial control and physical monitoring procedures
  • design and implement a computerized system for evaluating on-farm demonstrations
  • critical evaluation of extension messages
  • training of regional staff in M & E methods

1985 - 1988 Free-lance Consultant

02/85 - 03/85 CHAD

Participation in a joint GTZ/KfW mission to evaluate the government’s request for the resumption of German technical and financial assistance after the Civil War

  • evaluation of the national agricultural extension system
  • evaluation of professional agricultural training and Farmers' Training Centres
  • proposal of an and rural development program for Mayo-Kebbi prov.

12/84 - 05/85 GOPA Consultants, Bad Homburg, Germany

Coordination and backup of GOPA's agricultural development projects and tenders

02/84 - 11/84 MOROCCO

Mission Leader for the Direction de la Vulgarisation et de la Reforme Agraire, Rabat "Schema Directeur de la Vulgarisation Agricole" (GOPA f. World Bank)

  • evaluation of the national agricultural extension system
  • empirical study of the 32 Directions d’Agriculture and 54 CTA(Centre de Travaux ) as well as 6 ORMVA (Office Régional de Mise en Valeur Agricole)
  • evaluation of the national training system for extension staff and training needs
  • evaluation of the results of agricultural research (varieties, yield potential etc.)
  • definition of eco-cultural zones, test programs and training plans for selected zones
  • collaboration with ISNAR evaluation mission of the national agric.research system
  • collaboration with German chambers of agriculture and the dual vocational training system

1982 - 1985 Scientific Collaborator of GOPA Consultants, Bad Homburg

Technical support of GOPA's Technical Assistance staff in World Bank projects in BENIN (CARDER Borgou, SONICOG Bohicon), tenders for World Bank projects

  • Organisation of the Rural Development Division
  • Preparation of technical and economic studies for tender bids
  • Recruitment of technical assistance personnel for World Bank
  • backup for GOPA TA personnel in Monitoring & Evaluation

07/81 - 12/81 NIGER, Agronomist in Feasibility Study of Tahoua Productivity Project for AFP Heidelbg. and GTZ

  • analysis of agricultural sector performance 1971-81
  • evaluation of the results of agricultural research
  • analysis of extension messages
  • evaluation of the training system for extension workers and Farmer Training Centres
  • proposal of farming systems and extension messages adapted to Northern Sahel conditions

07/78 - 05/81 INDONESIA,

Expert for Monitoring & Evaluation (for GTZ) Transmigration Area Development Programme (TAD), BAPPEDA, Samarinda, East Borneo

  • editor of Provincial Development Plan 1979-1983
  • elaboration of a data base and conception of a Management Information Systems
  • design and implementation of base line data collection in 10 districts (SPSS)
  • elaboration of a system for continuous monitoring and reporting from 20 subprojects
  • coordination of work planning, budgeting & reporting
  • running a micro-computer unit for financial & physical monitoring & statistics

1976 - 1978 UNITED STATES, Research Professor, Dept.of Agric. Economics, Purdue University for a USAID-financed study "The Economics of Cereal Production  »

6/77 - 6/78 Research and data collection in MALI, 5th and 1st Region (Mopti-Kita)

  • documentation on agricultural projects in the Sahel
  • elaboration of a survey methodology for farm management and household studies
  • training of US graduate students and interviewers in farm management surveys
  • selection of sample villages and households and demographic censuses in Dogon area
  • LP programming of farm activities

1975 - 1976 UNITED STATES Indiana University; Department of Anthropology: Teaching Associate Instructor in Introduction to Anthropology

08/73 - 06/75 CÔTE D’IVOIRE, Abidjan and San Pedro, thesis research

01/75 - 07/75 Consultant for " Bureau National d'Etudes pour le Développement" (BNETD- BDPA)

  • socio-economist for a feasibility study on the Development of the Lower-Cavally
  • agricultural socio-economic and agricultural surveys (coffee, cocoa and rice farms)
  • planning of social infrastructure(schools,health centres) and of village plantations and studying the resistance of the local population to resettlement and land loss

06/74 - 12/74 IVORY COAST, San Pedro, Advisor pour ARSO

Autorité Régionale pour le Développement du Sudouest sous le Directeur Em.Dioulo

  • advisor to the Human Resource Division concerned with social questions of resettlement
  • design and realisation of agro-economic studies in Tabou, Bereby and San Pedro districts

07/71 - 05/73 USA and Mexico, Social Anthropology and Afro-American Studies

1968 - 1969 LIBERIA, Research Assistant, University of Monrovia, grant German Research Foundation (DFG) with Prof.Dieter Seibel, research on rural informal savings/credit groups, mutual work groups and urban selfhelp groups and associations, published by Praeger, 1974 as "Traditional Organization and Economic Development: Cooperative Organizations in Liberia."

1965 - 68 Work as Architect with a firm in Frankfurt and as Landscaper firm in Ludwigshafen

(Supervision, drawing , design, building conservation, landscaping)

1967 Work with PANAM Airlines,

1966 Work at HELABA Landesbank,Frankfurt: construction site supervision

1964 Work at Philip Holzmann AG and Henninger, Frankfurt as steel-concrete mason


Project Management: Planning, budgeting, programming

Management Information Systems and Analysis

Monitoring & Evaluation: Cost Accounting, Controlling (AMS), Sustainability analysis

Agricultural Economics: Development Theory & Policy

Sector reviews and country studies

Regional analysis

Agricultural and industrial Project analysis (CBA)

Resource economics, and resource conservation



Agricultural Economics: Resource Economics and International Trade

Empirical socio-economic studies and statistical analysis

Rapid Rural Appraisal, Participative Village Planning; Ethno-Historical in-depth studies

Organizing village committees (e.g. water users), cooperatives, associations, networks, local government.

Rural Water Supply: planning and construction of wells, boreholes, springs, reservoirs and irrigation

Good knowledge of tropical agronomy and horticulture (fruits, nuts and wine)

Architecture, design and construction appropriate to tropical climates; construction supervision

Rural and Urban Energy: fuel-saving stoves, solar systems, biogas, agricultural residues fuels, carbonization

Community and Agro-Forestry

Developing and Marketing of arts and crafts and small-scale business

Micro-Finance and Decentralized Financial Systems (savings and credit banks, rural banks)

Project Management and Coordination (GTZ, FAO, World Bank administration, accounting)

Computer applications and training (Lotus, Symphony, SPSS, WP5, MS Office, Access, MS Project)

Moderation and Planning Methods (Logical Framework, Cost-Benefit Analysis,Path Analysis)


SPAIN 3 months
USA 5 years
MEXICO 2 months
HAITI 12 months
NIGER 3 months
TANZANIA 2 months
CAMBODIA 1 month
MALI 4 years
BENIN 3 months
ZAIRE 2 months
CHAD 3 months
LIBERIA 1 years
GHANA  4 years
DOMINIC. REP. 1 month
SINGAPORE 2 months
CôTE D'IVOIRE 3 years
MOROCCO 1 year
TURKEY 8 months
ALGERIA 6 months

Short term missions to CAMERUN, CONGO, CAR, RUANDA, BURUNDI, and  TUNESIA


German (mother tongue)

English, French, Italian, Spanish, Port., Dutch, Indonesian (fluent in speech, reading and writing)

Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Malinke, Hausa (basic knowledge and conversation)



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  2. The Economic Anthropology of the Kru in West Africa, Wiesbaden, Steiner, 1980
  3. Regional Planning for East Kalimantan, Indonesia: Conclusions and Recommendations, Hamburg und Eschborn: HWWA und GTZ, 1980
  4. Local Government Reform in Ghana: Democratic Renewal or Autocratic Revival, Breitenbach, Saarbrücken, 1994
  5. Studies on the Influence of Traditional Authority on Decentralisation in MALI Urban History Case Studies in Mopti, San, Bandiagara, Jenné
  6. Traditional Local Government : The History of the Gonja Chiefdoms in Ghana (submitted for publication)


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  16. Institutional Change among the Kru in Liberia, in: Africana Collecta ed. Dieter Oberndörfer, Freiburg 1971 (co-author W. Korte)
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